Asking about ETF investment in Hong Kong

Asking about ETF investment in Hong Kong

Hi, I write in English because my Chinese typing sucks. However, please feel free to write in Chinese because I can read it.

I am 30 years old and I am also worried about retirement. I want to invest some ETFs in Hong Kong. The purpose of the investment is long-term investment. I heard that ETFs are generally cheap and give good investment return in long term. I am thinking of investing in 2800 (盈富基金) and 2827 (標智滬深300中國指數基金). However, I also want to invest in some global ETFs to diversify my investment portfolio. I am interested in 3019 (XDB環球), 3009 (XDB新興市場), and 2802(安碩亞洲新興).

However, when I check the 成交金額 of 3019  and 3009, the amount is zero in Hong Kong ( The 成交金額 of 2802 is also low (only around HK$10000-$100000 each day, but sometimes reaches zero). Does it mean that it is risky to purchase and sell these ETFs? If I purchase these ETFs (3019, 3009, and 2802), does it mean that I may not be able to sell it (because no one buys them in the market, or because these ETFs are usually traded in a large amount in a private market)?

What is the implication when the 成交金額 of an ETF is low?

This comes to a related question. Nowadays 2827 is popular. But later in the future it becomes no longer popular, is there a chance that their 成交金額 is zero? In this situation, does it mean that I may not be able to sell it in Hong Kong?

In addition, the premium of 2827 is extremely high (市價: 37.2; 淨值: 32.93). Is it a good time to invest 2827 now? When will the premium drops back (市價 = 淨值)?

Thank you very much for your help! Happy New Year!


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Thanks for all your advice on radio!!!

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Thank you very much for talking about my case in the show. The major reasons I was interested in ETFs is that it was very popular in North America. Wealth management magazines often advise people to invest in ETFs more than other kinds of investment, because of its generally stable return with low fees. Basically, one of these magazines advised people to invest in three regional ETFs in the world (one for North America, another for Europe, and the third one for Asia), and then you will be safe. That explained why I was very interested in ETFs.

I have learnt a lot about both the benefits and the risks of ETFs. Thanks for your advice.

I am actually not in Hong Kong. I do not want to invest in Canada because of the high tax on investment returns. Right now I am considering to invest in either mutual funds or Hang Seng H-Stock ETF for long-term investment.

I sincerely wish everyone in Hong Kong to have a happy and wealthy life!