EVENING NEWS - Asylum Seeker boat reached WA + WA Energy company merge

EVENING NEWS - Asylum Seeker boat reached WA + WA Energy company merge

Perth News goes all the way from the beginning for 4 minutes, then to Hong Kong News.

The boat carrying 66 Asylum seekers from Sri Lanka approached Geraldton Harbour on Tuesday, drawing attention to Australia’s boarder security.

“It was an unprecedented breach of boarder security of Australia …” Mr Barnett said.

Single men were transferred to Northam Detention Centre, while others are taken to Christmas Island. The Premier is concerned that asylum seekers can get to the shores of Australia without being detected, but said WA’s coastline is hard to guard.

“The Australia Coast particularly the West Australia Coast, 16,000 Kilometres, is vast and in many respects unprotected,” Mr Barnett said.
"It's very difficult, how do you protect a coastline that is so long and so uninhabited?"

The Premier has also suggested a custom or defence facility capacity in Geraldton in awake of the crisis.
It’s understood the passengers on the vessel has travelled 44 days, the Immigration Department said all the asylum seekers will be processed on Christmas Island.
After the Western Power break-up in 2006, the Premier said it’s time to put them back together. Under Mr Barnett decision, electricity retailer Verve and Synergy will be remerged by the start of next year in an attempt to lower power price increase. The Premier said the previous split has not delivered the promised lower power costs. But the opposition said the remerge decision is a backward step by cutting out competition. Colin Barnett has also announced some government changes including the creation of the new Parks Authority. The Department of Local Government and Department of Communities will also come under one agency.
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