Goodbye Misty Night

Goodbye Misty Night

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I am walking in the rain and I am thinking of the Gene Kelly's song, “Singing in the Rain.”
My mind is singing it, only I don't know the words so my mind is just going duh duh duh duh, duh
duh duh duh, over and over again, it is driving me crazy even though I am enjoying it.

This southern Ontario dew just wouldn’t go away.
The rain is a fine, fine mist. It is hazing my glasses and making tiny water beads on my coat.

Things go by me. Cars, buses, taxis, they roil the mist up behind them making a tearing sound on the wet pavement. I take my glasses off and put them in my pocket. I don't really need them. Not right now.
People, the sidewalk is full of them, I could not see a face like mine among them.

In the distance, a solemn sounding bell rings eleven times.


When I 'm finally home and into my bedroom, the rain has not subsided yet. I can hear it rattling hard on the windows and the roof. I am hearing the wind sucking at all the cracks.

I am tired. I am tired to the bone. It is all I can do to stay awake long enough to undress, put on a t-shirt and crawl into bed. I pull the covers up, rolling onto my stomach and sticking my feet as far as I can down into the cold dark sheets.

I close my eyes. I thought about love. About sex. And about solitude. I reach no conclusions other than the obvious one.

To me, my weariness is sweet, is luxurious. I keep forgetting that my life is meaningless.

And tonight, I am asleep even before I had a chance to feel sad.