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haha, 今次比人玩殺羔羊'製'旗, 等 d 熱血會員又話乜又話七, 掛住叫勿殺羊, 成件野可以又不了了之, 又甩身
我個 account(Egghead1969) 比人網冇理頭 ban 左. 所以開新 account,澄清唔係玩分身
Rommel, good point to start the discussion!!!

> 假設你在街上見到一個你識的女性受到侵犯,你唔去阻止,唔去報警,而係打短訊通知識個女仔同一堆唔識的人黎睇。你地覺得無問題?

I have been such a victim in O ...
kacleung 發表於 7-11-2009 16:00
Hi kacleung, from what I understand, your case of appeal is in progress. I do not have a completion estimate for you, but I know that it's being looked at.

I can see that you are very frustrated at the moment, but if you can use another channel (such as a more suitable board/thread, or PM) to state your claim other than Western Canada-Vancouver gathering thread, it will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you very much.
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Hi, nights:

First of all, thanks for your information.

I raised my case as I would like to follow up what Rommel has said.  It is by no means that my case would be an issue to be further discussed i ...
kacleung 發表於 8-11-2009 16:43
唔用理佢 lee d 技巧.
你爬上面 d 帖都知 lee d 係佢 d 技巧
我個 account(Egghead1969) 比人網冇理頭 ban 左. 所以開新 account,澄清唔係玩分身