High Park cherry trees in full bloom

High Park cherry trees in full bloom

Thousands are expected to see the cherry blossoms in High Park this weekend. (Marley Parker/CBC)

Torontonians are flocking to High Park this weekend to take in one of the city's most beautiful, if fleeting, nature shows — the annual High Park cherry blossom festival.

Each year the trees put on an extraordinary show delighting visitors with their delicate flowers.

Unfortunately those flowers only last for a few days.

This year, it is this weekend, when the trees are at their most majestic.

The trees are originally from Japan. They were donated to the city by the Japanese in 1959 — a way of thanking the city for helping to re-locate Japanese after World War Two.

For the Japanese cherry blossoms are a metaphor for life, beautiful, but fleeting. They're also a sign of rebirth and strength.

For Japanese Canadians the cherry blossoms serve as a reminder of past and current struggles.

But for most Torontonians the beautiful display is a glorious sign of the arrival of spring.

CBC News Posted: May 4, 2013 10:23 AM ET