BNO已被歐洲25個國家認為EU/EEA Citizen,英、法、愛爾蘭國除外

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兄住在 Norway 嗎

是否正用 BNO 居住?
bigpotato 發表於 7-10-2009 07:09
Not really man

Alot of countries  are non english speaking
Big potato

Who is 鍾祖康 ??
Not really man

Alot of countries  are non english speaking
minibus 發表於 7-10-2009 07:42
Many citizens of Europe know how to speak English, in many cases, better than former-British-colony-Hong Kong citizens.

Otherwise, unless you know the languages of the countries you are visiting (Español, Polski, Français, Italiano, Deutsch etc), you better know how to communicate in English.
Many citizens of Europe know how to speak English, in many cases, better than former-British-colony-Hong Kong citizens.

Otherwise, unless you know the languages of the countries you are visiting (E ...
LW 發表於 7-10-2009 13:00
Dear Brother LW

Although many citizens in Europe know how to speak English and I can communicate in English with  no problem, what I concern  about is the offical language in daily business. Whether European  will write and read English report in daily business or engineering operation  is really a question mark.

I am so old now and I would be quite difficult to return to apprenticeship level.

Thank you for your support.

Brothers and Sisters

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See my important search for how BNO holders can obtain EU Citizenship and migrantion to Finland ... 24101&extra=&page=4

Thanks God! You have listerned my pray
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Reside in Sweden : EU/EEA citizens and long-time residents in the EU

Working in Finland? - Information about living and working in Finland
(Publication of Ministry of Employment and the Economy),2473

Further information on employment and entrepreneurship in Finland

Frequently asked questions: employment

An alien who intends to take up paid employment in Finland usually needs a residence permit for an employed person. A person engaged in an independent business or profession in Finland must have a residence permit for a self-employed person.

However, there are many exceptions to this rule. For example, citizens of European Union (EU) Member States and equivalent persons do not need a residence permit for an employed person or for a self-employed person.

Member States of the European Union
In addition to Finland, the Member States of the European Union (EU) are Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom.

Similar provisions on the right of movement that apply to citizens of EU Member States also apply to citizens of Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, and Switzerland.

Webservice "Migrating to Finland?"
The service helps you evaluate whether you require a visa or a residence permit to Finland and what the requirements are.

Customer bulletins
Applications for a residence permit for an employed person may not be rushed during the summer  (9.6.2009)

Further information
Flowchart: residence permit for an employed person and a self-employed person

BNO holders is EU citizens

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Frequently asked questions: EU citizens

Read more: frequently asked questions about residence permits in general

1. As an EU citizen, how do I enter Finland permanently and what kind of a permit will I need?

Decisions on registering Union citizens are made by the local police of the municipality of residence. You should request further instructions on the registration of your right of residence from the police.

As a Union citizen, you are free to enter Finland without a visa and reside in Finland for a maximum period of three months without registering your right of residence. In order to enter the country and reside there you must have a valid identity card or passport. As a Union citizen you must register your right of residence at the latest when three months have elapsed from your entry into the country.

Registration takes place at the police department of your municipality of residence, and a written certificate of the registration will be issued to you (certificate of registration of the right of residence of a Union citizen). If you are a citizen of the Nordic countries, however, your registration will be handled by the local register office and only if your period of residence exceeds six months.

As an EU citizen, you will not need special grounds for your residence in Finland. If you wish, you may, however, register your residence on the basis of employment, self-employment, studying or family ties. EU citizens registering as students or on some other basis are required to provide an explanation of their means of livelihood and where necessary, to have health insurance. Those registering as employees or self-employed persons are not required to give an explanation of their livelihood. If you register yourself as a family member of an EU citizen, the need for an explanation of your livelihood depends on the basis on which your family member is residing in Finland.

The registration of the right of residence is valid indefinitely. A Union citizen is entitled to permanent residence after an uninterrupted period of five years of legal residence in Finland.

Registration of the right of residence may be refused if a Union citizen is deemed to endanger public order, public safety or public health.

In exceptional circumstances, Union citizens may be issued with a residence permit if they are unable to register on account of a lack of funds and if they were entitled to a residence permit without meeting the income requirement or if an exception could be made in a pa