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標題: 家豪會客室-(第111集) - 李家豪 /《大江東去》破謎特輯 [打印本頁]

作者: 還我藍天    時間: 9-8-2011 23:48     標題: 家豪會客室-(第111集) - 李家豪 /《大江東去》破謎特輯

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作者: Myra6097    時間: 10-8-2011 02:50

司徒華是中共臥底!!!! Even there is not substantiate proof, what he acted, what he talked and what he thought were already evidences that he was working for Red China.
作者: 還我藍天    時間: 11-8-2011 01:19

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作者: Myra6097    時間: 11-8-2011 04:25

I put a question mark on the truth of the 《大江東去》till the Chinese can disclose all relevant papers.
作者: Myra6097    時間: 11-8-2011 04:26

3# 還我藍天
Many thanks for the quoting/extracts.

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