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標題: 長毛論五司十四局:搵司機去醫人,叫醫生去揸車 [打印本頁]

作者: kkho123x    時間: 21-5-2012 22:10     標題: 長毛論五司十四局:搵司機去醫人,叫醫生去揸車


發佈日期:2012-05-21,發佈者: anson19882001
作者: furab2006    時間: 21-5-2012 23:08

thanks alot for sharing
long hair says perfectly well,
作者: jkckwong    時間: 22-5-2012 00:48

Fair enough. Just quantify what you will achieve (e.g. number of housing estates within a certain period) with all the additional staff; not just saying that the existing staff is not enough and not effective. CY should put down all his projected achievements on paper to get money for the additional staff. I'm sure if the staff proposal were presented in this format, no LegCo members will dare to challenge CY's proposal. By LegCo members I meant those members who will genuinely examine the proposal, not those rubber-stamp members.
作者: liuwu    時間: 22-5-2012 20:02


作者: dogdog802    時間: 22-5-2012 20:12

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作者: 67fongpolaw    時間: 22-5-2012 20:29

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