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標題: 如何上載影片到 youtube & 貼youtube影片到 人網 [打印本頁]

作者: dangconchiu    時間: 7-4-2013 12:59     標題: 如何上載影片到 youtube & 貼youtube影片到 人網

如何上載影片到 youtube :

How to upload film to youtube.

1/. 先登入和填密碼己登記 youtube 首頁。
First, check in youtube account.

2/. 在頁頂右邊有二字 [上傳],單擊切入{上傳影 片}頁面 。
At the right side of the top, click in "Upload".

3/. 單擊四方格內 [選取要上傳檔案]。
Click in "Upload the Video file" inside the box.

4/. 劃面出現您電腦上傳檔案夾,擊入您想上傳影片所在檔案。
it shows your folder of choosing to transfer the file, click in the design upload film file.

5/. 此時youtube 會慢慢轉藍色格仔滾動,顯示正上載中。
then, a blue color box is rolling to show uploading.

6/. 當完全上載完畢,需待約十多二十分鐘審查。
It needs to wait for about ten to 20 minutes before final appearance of the youtube video.



如何上載影片到 youtube


如何貼youtube影片到 人網 :
how to attach the youtube video to the forum of Hong Kong Reporter.

1/. 在 youtube 影片下,單擊[嵌入]
click in the "embed"  under the film.

2/.會在網址例如  Embed 後面,找出下列紅字:  
<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
please find the word after “embed” which is wiNQot1Nabw

3/. copy 上例 = 符號之尾段 Embed 後面(如上述紅字 :=wiNQot1Nabw)         
copy the end part of the new words like : =wiNQot1Nabw


4/. 轉回人網頁面 : 單擊[發帖]四方格。
Return back to the webpage of the Hong Kong Reporter forum. click once the box [發帖 issue topic]

5/. 出現藍字[發新話題] ,單擊 youtube icon 格 。
It shows the blue words [發新話題issue new topic] ,
click once in the box of icon [Youtube]

6/. 出現  {請輸入第 1 個參數:}四方長格,將youtube = 符號之尾段(如上述紅字 : =wiNQot1Nabw)貼於 四方長格。
It shows words with box {請輸入第 1 個參數: enter the first coding}, please attached the previous ending words
=wiNQot1Nabw into the box.

7/. 按 [提交],會出現文字如 [outube]wiNQot1Nabw[/youtube]
click the box [提交submit], it shows words like[outube]wiNQot1Nabw[/youtube]

8/. 按最底[發新話題]一下,己完成貼youtube 影片於您新話題專欄。click the bottom box  [發新話題issue new topic], the whole process of attached youtube to the forum is completed.

Additional :
9/.請上傳youtube的朋友,請加埋條youtube link。因為ipad/iphone/android 睇吾到~.~ 有link就可以按入去睇,吾駛係youtube搵。。。。
For the sake of ios/ipad/anroid users, please encosed an whole youtube link, or they could not watch as directly in the computer.


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