To Mr. Tam, everything America did was wrong, everything America did not do was wrong. Regardless, America is always the devil. He has a blind hatred against America, and he is more anti-America than  ...
beachbum 發表於 7-5-2011 09:46
I'm totally in agreement with you. Mr. Tam is a stereotyped anti-American, just like most 憤青 of China.

The killing of Bin Laden by the American forces this time is without doubt a very good thing and happy news for the world suffering from terrorism especially the thousands of the 911 victims. A devil and mass-murderer is eliminated. Justice is prevailed.

But instead of commending at a victory over terrorism, Mr. Tam has taken the opportunity using his program to pursue and promote not only an but mainly his anti-American sentiments by shifting the focus on criticizing the Americans and their ways of fighting against terrorism spearheaded by Bin Laden and his followers.

The evils of Mr. Tam must be exposed here for everyone to be aware of.

點解咁多人會對譚博呢種言論反感呢? 其中一個原因係佢地慣咗服從強權。
barbmarco 發表於 7-5-2011 10:30
"如果美國佬能夠將拉登生擒﹐ 老虎蟹都會像處理薩達姆一樣"

I disagree.  If I were Obama, I would kill him first, and fix problems later.

Just imagine what would happen if bin Laden was captured alive.  ...
bigboss1234 發表於 6-5-2011 19:07
vergès would definitely defend him...

In girum imus nocte et consumimur igni
美國是不是一個完美的國家? 當然不是。正如任何國家一樣,它亦有它的問題。在經濟和外交政策上,亦作了不小錯誤的判斷。但它亦是一個擁有一個成熟民主制度,尊重人權和法冶精神的國家。它絕對不是一個如譚博士口中充滿邪惡的國家。

steandric1 發表於 7-5-2011 20:34

dworin 發表於 7-5-2011 02:24
唔係似, 直頭係糞青!
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you can't blame him ,as for who kickstart the gear of endless vicious cycle?

In girum imus nocte et consumimur igni
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you can't blame him ,as for who kickstart the gear of endless vicious cycle?

miaomiaojo 發表於 10-5-2011 04:13
Exactly, America had made some misjudgements in the past, what they did is to replace a monster with another monster. For better or worse, it is difficult to judge. Many of these things happened during the Cold War, the U.S. and Soviets are fighting for influence and turf. Afghanistan is a good example, America supported the Afghans to defend themselves against the Soviets so the country was free from Communist rule. They turned around and harbored terrorists who killed innocent people, America invaded them and get rid of the Talibans, and America was wrong? Give me a fucking break! Why did you people only remember Ronald Reagan and the Iran Contra, but not his efforts in urging Gorbachev to bring down the Berlin Wall? Why did you just talk about Nicaragua, but not the Korean War therefore there is still a South Korea today? On the other hand, characters like Noriega, Mossadeq, Diem, Allende weren't angels either; leave them in place, many more might have been killed. Pol Pot in Cambodia is a good example. Vicious cycles? If there was no dictators, there's no vicious cycle. Compare to Stalin and Mao...America is really chicken shit.

I'm not saying America is a saint and always right but they don't deserved all these finger pointing either. You can bash America, but bash them with facts, not twisted logic and biased opinions. By the way, I am quite sure that the people who made this video must have lead a very good life in a democratic country so they can express their opinions freely.  They'd never experienced how life is in Noreiga's Panama, Mossadeq's Iran, Talibans Afghanistan, Stalin's Soviet, Mao's China, therefore they thought they're at a moral summit and bash the country that had directly or indirectly maintained their democratic way of life.
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American exceptionalism is missionary,” Mr. Kissinger says. “It holds that the United States has an obligation to spread its values to every part of the world.”
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