Stanley Cup final 專帖 Vancouver vs Boston

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9# 長劍天雷

When Trevor Linden got whacked by Mark Messier in the 1994 Stanley Cup Final I was there too.
Like you I've waited 17 years for this day to come, but unlike you, I don't complain about how they play as long as they win, that's all it matters.

btw, is your jersey yellow and black, I've always preferred that color!
Doh! Game 3 2nd Period is painful to watch. Tim Thomas has been outstanding again this game.
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Alright, I must admit the Canucks played a lousy game 3.
How bad is bad, so bad that I can't bare to watch the last 5 minutes, then the Bruins scored the 6th, 7th and 8th goal.

I hope they can think of some strategy to counter the Bruins in game 4.

Game 3

Boston Bruins beats Vancouver Canucks 8-1

series is 2-1 Vancouver
11# swana

Swana, please take a look at the box score from game 1:

The Canucks had 34 shots on goal in game 1, went 0 for 7 on the powerplay (including not scoring on a 5 on 3 but instead took a undisciplined penalty to nullify the 2-men advantage), and had the rely on Luongo's 36-save effort, and Kesler's heads-up play with 20 seconds remaining to spring Hansen and Torres loose for the winning goal. Those are all factual evidences from the game.

When you fail to capitalize on your scoring chances time after time, you are squandering chances to put away your opponent. Don Cherry, who has been in the hockey business for 70 years, called the game "the worst in the Stanley Cup finals" in a national-televised program Hockey Night in Canada. I wouldn't go as far as Cherry in his assessment, but compare the Canucks' performance in game 1 to the way they performed in the San Jose series, can you honestly say they played a "good game?" Personally, I would choose to say the Canucks capitalized on one late chance, and relied on the outstanding performance of Luongo to earn a hard-fought victory. But I would not call game 1's performance a very good one.

Scoreboard is the ultimate thing we look at, but in evaluating a team's performance, there are other factors that must be looked at. The Canucks' passing was not crisp in game 1; they failed to capitalize on a few good chances even though they appear to have the book on Thomas. I did not elaborate when I first posted, except to point out that they didn't "play a good game." If you insist that this is "complaining," then I guess we just have to agree to disagree.

By the way, I only have a black and orange jersey from the early 90s (and I really can't say I like the colour scheme of those jerseys). Afterwards, I have bought the black orca jersey, the red one that was only used a couple years, and the current home blue jersey.
Aaron Rome was suspended four games for his late hit on Nathan Horton. Horton, who suffered what doctors call a "serious concussion," will be out the remainder of the playoffs. ... /4906039/story.html
The chances are fading for Canucks. They are in the thin ice again. Tim Thomas is much better than Luongo. Look at each games' results. Canucks won the games only by one goal but the Boston won the games by more than one goals.(You can tell the different.)
Alright, can someone tell me why the Canucks cannot score even 1 goal in game 4?  Can some pundit or wise guy tell me what they need to do to turn things around, co's if they lose again in home game game 5, the Bruins will sure win game 6 and there goes our Cup!

All these years we waited, do we simply just let it slip off our hands?

Game 4

Boston Bruins beats Vancouver Canucks 4-0

the series is tied at 2-2
Here is my rather high level assessment. Unfortunately, I am not well-versed enough in game analysis to offer any finer grain suggestions:

1) the Canucks has this habit of choking. (I think we've known that since 1st round playoffs... )

2) the Canucks are really good when they are playing 順境波. They can play some of the most fantastic hockey when things are going well for them. But when things start to go south, they often can't stop themselves from sliding down that slippery slope.

3) Further to #2, Luongo is especially bad once he has been rattled. When he is on form, he is absolutely the best goal keeper in the league. But if he lets in a few soft goals, or if his confidence starts to sap, his performance really takes a nose dive. I think Sword Thunder mentioned this before in some previous posts / threads, and I agree with his assessment on this.

4) The twins and Kesler together have only managed 3 points so far in the Stanley Cup finals. They are supposed to be our big guns (just look at Kesler in the last 2 series when he was playing like an absolute beast), and they are not leading the charge.

5) Thomas has been phenomenal in all 4 games so far (although he didn't really have to work that hard in game 3).
Here are my two cents:

1. Take part in the physical play: Higgins, Lapierre, Bieksa, Kesler, Hansen, Burrows can all hit, but instead, most of them have reverted to giving shots and slashes following whistles/behind the play. Boston uses their big bodies to create room. The Canucks need to respond in that area, to gain back the room they had in games 1 and 2.

2. Left-right-left-shoot: the Canucks have more skills than the Bruins, and Thomas is a goalie who is extremely aggressive, and are prone to be caught out-of-position. Don't wait until you can make a cute pass to score a beautiful goal. Kesler, Burrows, and Higgins just need to take the dirty tap-ins.

3. Limit the ice time for the 3rd pairings on D. Alberts and Ballard are just not good enough to play over 12 minutes a game. Ballard was -3 in Game 4 if I remember. It looks like we've lost Hamhuis for the remainder of the playoffs, so Bieksa, Salo, Edler and Erhoff all need to step up. Chris Tanev may be a better option than Ballard.

4. Luongo: AV should have hooked him in game 3 after 2 periods, but let him stay for 4 more goals. His confidence is fragile, and was not in form in game 4. Sadly, there is no solution to that. Schneider is not going to win 2 out of 3 against Thomas. Luongo has to man up and play like the 10-million-dollar-man that he is.