Stanley Cup final 專帖 Vancouver vs Boston

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Alright Canucks fans, so much for the good omen from the NBA, I was totally wrong in my prediction.  But we must think of it in a positive manner, letting the Bruins winning game 6 will only heighten their expectation destined to end in an dismal disappointment.  The Canucks, by losing game 6, will make the eventual triumph in game 7 even more preciously sweet.

The Boston Bruins are one of the 'original six' of the NHL, it's not surprising that they use their connection to affect the officiating.  But we don't use the same officials in every game, do we?

I'll stop giving my prediction for game 7, and will just privately pray again for the Canucks success.

game 6

The Boston Bruins beats the Vancouver Canucks 5-2

the series is tied at 3-3
I think the NHL wants the Stanley Cup stay in the US forever.
認真諗下其實場波只係輸左1st period
franzkafka 發表於 15-6-2011 08:57
I'm sorry, we're all very serious about this one, we've waited 17 years!

My heart is too heavy for the game of 估波膽.
Actually game 6 isn't as bad as the score itself. There were a number of empty net chances (including 1st period) but unfortunately we couldn't capitalize on that.
It's terrible that Mason Raymond is seriously injured and has to remain in Boston for treatment.

Regardless, I'll be in Starlight Casino with my friends cheering on Canucks tomorrow. We believe!
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Downtown 借機搞事果班友簡直係羞家!放火、燒車、破壞、搶掠。點解呢啲咁不知所謂嘅事會響我地溫哥華發生?!
Downtown on FIRE, RCMP vehicles on fire too.
there is riot in vancouver downtown now 1 person died