Stanley Cup final 專帖 Vancouver vs Boston

Alright Canucks fans, I'd say a win is a win no matter how many score does it.  All we need, is what we've got tonight, steady, quick, confident and we can win, just like game 1 and game 2.

I did my private prayer for the Canucks to win tonight, looks like it's working.  Do we let the series to go to game 7?  Absolutely not!  We'll win game 6 and take the Cup home, then we'll celebrate.

Game 5

Vancouver Canucks beats Boston Bruins 1-0

the series 3-2 Vancouver
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21# swana Yeah, given the exceptional job by Tim Thomas game after game, I'd rather Canucks win at game 6 and really "bring home the Cup."

Good job on the coach/players for developing a new tactic in scoring the winning goal and beating Thomas in game 5.

Here's the winning goal!
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Gentlemen, the Dallas Mavericks won the NBA Finals in game 6, first time ever in the NBA history.  This is such a good omen for our Vancouver Canucks, we will sweep the Boston Bruins in game 6, and take our first Stanley Cup in the history of NHL.

My prediction is: we'll score just 1 goal in period 3, and shut-out the Boston once more in the final game, and take the Cup home.

Please be ready psychologically for Vancouver's first win of the Stanley Cup, I'm sure it is our time!
23# swana

I wish I could shave after tonight game. :-D


  • swana

Boston has a big chance to win the cup.(though, I hate to think that.)
Can someone tell me how I can bribe the NHL officials because I am convinced that the refs from last night have all been bribed by those supporting the Bruins. The Bruins were free to do whatever they want to the Canucks and get away without getting called for penalties, but the same was not true for the Canucks. It was almost worse than the Chinese Premier League black whistle stuff...
After six games, I think we can get a pretty clear and objective assessment of the teams. Here are some observations (subjective opinions based on objective observations I've made from watching):

1. The Canucks are clearly the more SKILLED team, but they are not playing as the BETTER team. Boston plays a very simple game - they bang, they hit, they crash the net, and they just shoot when opportunities come. The Canucks play a finesse game, and only when willing to initiate contact (e.g. game 5), can be successful in using its superior speed to create space.

2. Boston is more resilient than Vancouver. In Game 3, the Canucks started strong until Rome gave a late hit to Horton. Horton suffered a concussion and Boston was rattled and failed to score on the powerplay. But they rallied and trounced the Canucks 8:1. In Game 6, Boychuk hit Raymond late and caused him to have a fractured vertebrae. The Canucks went on to give up 4 goals in 10 minutes.

3. Canuck players remove themselves from playing their game. I have never seen so many after-the-whistle shots Canucks players are giving to the Bruins. I know the refs are making terrible calls (one-sided) throughout, but by exerting energy into those cheap shots, you take yourself out of your speed and skill game.

4. Key players are definitely playing injured. I would be extremely surprised if, at the conclusion of the series Wednesday, that Kesler and Henrik Sedin are not seriously hurt. They just do not look right. Meanwhile, Lucic is gaining momentum.

5. There are games where the Canucks appear to feel they were entitled to win. The vibe that players have pre-game aren't right. Before game 6, players should not come out to the rink to observe the atmosphere (CBC showed that).

If the Canucks can hold the game scoreless in the first in Game 7, I think they will score the first goal and win. However, if Boston scores first, then watch out...
27# Orlson

Rome hit Horton late and gave him a concussion that kept him out the rest of the series (essentially four games). Horton is well enough to show up at the Garden to cheer for the Bruins, and Rome got a 4-game suspension.

Boychuk hit Raymond late away from the puck, and cracked his vertebrae. Raymond will be out 4 to 6 months. There were no penalty calls, and it does not appear Boychuk will be suspended for driving Raymond lower-back first into the boards.

The severity of injuries should not be used to determine the length of the sentences, but at least there should be some fairness in calling similar infractions by giving them similar penalties...
Another thing: Boston forward Gregory Campbell is the son of former NHL disciplinarian Colin Campbell. I'm not into conspiracy theories, but it is also not far-fetched to feel that the refs, who used to be working under Colin Campbell, will be more favourable to Colin's son's team right now.