Stanley Cup final 專帖 Vancouver vs Boston

Here is my rather high level assessment. Unfortunately, I am not well-versed enough in game analysis to offer any finer grain suggestions:

1) the Canucks has this habit of choking. (I think we've known that since 1st round playoffs... )

2) the Canucks are really good when they are playing 順境波. They can play some of the most fantastic hockey when things are going well for them. But when things start to go south, they often can't stop themselves from sliding down that slippery slope.

3) Further to #2, Luongo is especially bad once he has been rattled. When he is on form, he is absolutely the best goal keeper in the league. But if he lets in a few soft goals, or if his confidence starts to sap, his performance really takes a nose dive. I think Sword Thunder mentioned this before in some previous posts / threads, and I agree with his assessment on this.

4) The twins and Kesler together have only managed 3 points so far in the Stanley Cup finals. They are supposed to be our big guns (just look at Kesler in the last 2 series when he was playing like an absolute beast), and they are not leading the charge.

5) Thomas has been phenomenal in all 4 games so far (although he didn't really have to work that hard in game 3).
Can someone tell me how I can bribe the NHL officials because I am convinced that the refs from last night have all been bribed by those supporting the Bruins. The Bruins were free to do whatever they want to the Canucks and get away without getting called for penalties, but the same was not true for the Canucks. It was almost worse than the Chinese Premier League black whistle stuff...
Downtown 借機搞事果班友簡直係羞家!放火、燒車、破壞、搶掠。點解呢啲咁不知所謂嘅事會響我地溫哥華發生?!

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