Toronto Mayor Rob Ford denies using crack cocaine

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford denies using crack cocaine

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Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, ensnared by allegations he was seen on a cellphone video smoking crack cocaine, ended eight days of silence on Friday by finally denying he uses crack. But his attempt to end the controversy has done nothing to mollify his critics.

"I do not use crack cocaine," Ford told a jam-packed news conference at Toronto City Hall. "Nor am I an addict of crack cocaine."

The allegations have generated such intense interest that the mayor's statement was carried live across Canada on major TV and radio news channels, as well as streamed live on the web.

he beleaguered mayor said it was "business as usual at city hall" and gave no indication that he has any intention of leaving the job.

Ford has dodged the media for the past week ever since the U.S.-based gossip website Gawker broke the story, with a reporter claiming to have seen the video. That was followed a few hours later by a report in the Toronto Star claiming two of its reporters had seen the same video.

The mayor's statement came less than an hour after the city council's executive committee — which essentially functions as a cabinet — urged Ford in an open letter, to speak publicly.

"The allegations need to be addressed openly and transparently," the letter says. "We are encouraging the mayor to address this matter so that we can focus on serving the people of Toronto."

Ford's brother, Coun. Doug Ford, also took to the podium and denied the allegations, but left without answering reporters' questions.

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Posted: May 24, 2013 3:42 PM ET