[Ella Wong(塔罹/魔法)] 可否教導下我們塔羅的入門和技巧?

I have one English version Tarot set c/w book. I haven't finish understand it all yet but i don't really able to use it properly. Can you share your experience with me and how should i to understand and use it?
11# Devilangel

May I ask the name of your deck?

Well to learn tarot, you can start with the following steps:

1. Learn the basic history of tarot
2. Understand what are 4 elements, symbolism, court system, numerology ...
3. Decide how you want to read tarot cards. Bsically, there are two general methods to read a deck. first is to use intuition (this one is easier because it depends on feeling, but accuracy may vary a lot); second is to use theory e.g. kabalah, astrology, alchemistry (this one is more difficult because you need to learn a lot before you can read, but at least the result is more stable), the best method is to use both of the above and find a balance
4. get familiar with your deck

Tarot is not something that I can tell in 1 or 2 days. Just start step by step at 1 time. I would say you can first reserach online to know more about the history of tarot and its system first. Afterwards, if you have more problems. feel free to ask me.