Calgary 的機場都算Cheap, 得十五分鍾免費 WiFi

Toronto , Ottawa and Montreal airports now have free
WiFi access .

Airports in  maritime provinces have free WiFi service long times ago.

Years ago , my job requires me  to travel to maritime provinces few times ,

always took advantage of free internet access at the airports to kill time while

waiting for the air flight.
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Airlines in the US charge you for check in luggage, meals, headset, pillows, drinks.... The expectation on air travel is set so low, who cares asking for free Internet access at the airport?
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I am sure drinks are free...only beer/win are not...
Yes, checked bags are not free...$25 for the 1st one...
I know this very well becuase I need to fly almost every month...
I have a CDMA aircard, so i don't care if they have free wifi or not...
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US Airways charge you $2 for a glass of water or soda a couple of years ago. It was so unpopular they have to back it down after a few months.

I used to fly almost every week.  But now more of my clients will give me remote access to save travel expenses.
Vancouver 同香港都任用,Calgary 就冇留意,次次都係買杯 添啊騰 聼陣歌就上機


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幾年前去過韓國首爾和 Jeju 島, 首爾和 Jeju 候機室有電腦免費比人上網, 首爾機場免費任上, 好似 Jeju 都是任上 (唔記得好清楚).
YVR has free Wi-Fi services.

I was at Miami International just weeks ago, and they charged 4.99 USD for 30 hours of wi-fi. By comparison, Calgary giving 15 minutes of free wi-fi is not as bad.
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