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作者: moleitau    時間: 29-10-2009 07:47     標題: Things that you like or dislike here in Canada

本帖最後由 moleitau 於 29-10-2009 07:51 編輯

As an immigrant of Canada, which most of us are, we all went through the stage of adaptation to living in an unfamiliar environment when we first came to this country. During the course, I'm sure there are things that you like or uncomfortable with in comparison to your home country, let's tell us things that you like or dislike about Canada or how you feel about Canada as a whole, what's good and what's not so good.

To begin with, I'll start with mine here. Cops here in Canada won't and can't just stop anyone walking down the street for no reason asking for identification. In HK I find it annoying and have the feeling of not being respected. Also, it is a nuisance to carry the I.D. card at all times. Having said that, I do understand there is a need in HK to have this rule in place just to prevent crime. As for my viewpoint on Canada as a whole please refer to:
Post #68

Thank you for your input in advance.

作者: mhkhung    時間: 29-10-2009 09:53

The HK ID card was originally designed against the Vietnam boat people.. Which HK missed the big boat (pardon the pun).. just look at Canada.. the 2nd generation Vietnam immigrants are contributing to the economy NOW..

It's a huge privacy invasion.. You just need to stand on the street waiting for a friend and the HK police, with nothing better to do, will ask you to show ID. And I don't even know why HK people let the government (well the HK people don't have a choice) to change ID cards every so-many years. It's a huge waste of money and time..
作者: Kyrie    時間: 29-10-2009 11:04

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作者: moleitau    時間: 29-10-2009 11:18

本帖最後由 moleitau 於 29-10-2009 11:34 編輯

2# mhkhung

A privacy invasion, sure it is!

A law-abiding citizen here in Canada deal with the police on rare occasions. I have been living in this country for 17 yrs.+ and pretty much need to drive on a daily basis. Through these years I have only had 2 encounters with the police. One was a speeding incident and the other was a road block being set up by the police to stop drinking & driving. In either case the policeman was polite and I was treated with courtesy.

"Sir, how are you doing today?"  "You are driving more than 20km above the limit, I have no choice but I'll have to give you a ticket" ... "Slow down!"

"Good evening Sir, how are you doing today? Sorry to have stopped you, the reason of setting this road block here is to check for drinking & driving." I then told him that I was off from work and was heading home, then he said "Sorry again for the holdup, you can go now. Have a nice evening Sir."

If I were in HK I will be the one calling him "Sir".
作者: mhkhung    時間: 29-10-2009 12:28

Funny some friends keep commenting how fat and lazy the cops are in Canada (well, may be somewhat true) and how polite are those are in HK.. (yeah right)

HK I think has the highest number of police per capita in the world.. and look at how they treat the demonstrators.. sorry, I have no respect for them at all.
作者: Kyrie    時間: 29-10-2009 14:00

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作者: moleitau    時間: 29-10-2009 15:09

6# Kyrie

I guess most cops will treat you like dirt if they have reasons to believe that you are a criminal or if you have already commited a crime.
作者: nights    時間: 29-10-2009 18:49

Funny some friends keep commenting how fat and lazy the cops are in Canada (well, may be somewhat true) and how polite are those are in HK.. (yeah right)

HK I think has the highest number of police p ...
mhkhung 發表於 29-10-2009 12:28
Indeed, HK should be ranking high in police per capita. I believe there are about 30,000 in total, so that means there's a cop in every 233 people. There's certainly more than 233 people in any given public area!

About fat and lazy cops, I guess it's the North American stereotype about donut-eating and coffee-drinking cops.

My experience with the police here have been very pleasant, even at the time that I got ticketed for a minor traffic violation. There were actually a few more times that I got warnings instead of a ticket.

The road-block against drinking and driving program has been very successful. It's a bit of inconvenience for most of us, but it's worth it if it saves someone from getting into an accident due to alcohol.
作者: moleitau    時間: 30-10-2009 01:02

本帖最後由 moleitau 於 30-10-2009 01:27 編輯

People get the impression of those fat and lazy cops portrayed through Hollywood movies. In reality, the screening test for police application is very demanding physically, like they need to finish a mile-run under certain minutes. An average person will not be able to pass the test, so I don't see how an overweighted chap can pass those test.
作者: Kyrie    時間: 30-10-2009 05:19

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作者: mhkhung    時間: 30-10-2009 05:27

Hey, at least you won't get raped in a police station in Canada..
作者: Kyrie    時間: 30-10-2009 07:07

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作者: keni    時間: 30-10-2009 08:40

Public transport. Every bus and train company in Canada has no shame regarding delays,  hopelessly outdated equipments, rude drivers/ platform workers, wasting taxpayers' money, and lack of on-time communication/ status feeding.
作者: moleitau    時間: 30-10-2009 09:29

...  hopelessly outdated equipments ... keni 發表於 30-10-2009 08:40
"hopelessly outdated equipments" ha!ha!  Couldn't find another term that is more appropriate than this description. Those public transit buses is like ... I would say, 2 decade old already. And we are still using tokens instead of electronic debit card.
作者: moleitau    時間: 1-11-2009 07:38

Don't get me wrong Kyrie, I'm not against but at the same time I wouldn't say I am all for the situation here in Canada. Sure Canada has its own problems, I wouldn't be so naive as to say Canada is paradise. Whether or not Canada is a good place for emigration can be regarded as both a yay or nay ... it depends. I would say yes on the condition that you managed to find a decent job. So basically if you do need to work then it is pretty much of a gamble for would-be immigrants. One thing that makes emigration to Canada looks more appealing is that all the goodies of Hong Kong seems to be diminishing ... wouldn't you all agree?
作者: Kyrie    時間: 1-11-2009 08:01

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作者: Kyrie    時間: 1-11-2009 08:17

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作者: vcc    時間: 1-11-2009 08:27

Well, I might say, as immigrants we have a lot of things to learn. It all depends on your exposure, your life style. Honest saying I cannot comment too much about bus services, I seldom take it. Fortunately, we have a forum here, everybody share their experiences and oppinions, so that we can learn more about the reality.

I agree "molei" that "most" of the goodies of HK is diminishing, but a lot of goodies still remains. Actually, everywhere would be the same. In where I live, 10 years ago it peacefully and  friendly. It was a nice experience for me to just walk around the block in a fine day. And now such good neigbourhood is diminishing.

One thing I really dislike is we are "visual minority" here, many trouble come to you so easily. Many of those " ??" people always try to take advantage from you, it make you so tired to defend yourself. One simple example, is they might charge you a little more for just a pack of cigarrete.

May be I'm just another ignorant "Old Guy"!
作者: moleitau    時間: 1-11-2009 08:30

Want to talk about Toronto ... isn't that we're supposed to do it at the "Canada East" section?  BTW, although we don't see things eye to eye, I believe we have something in common ... I'm sure you know what I am talking about ... he! he! I'm not ready to get booted again.

As for the other question, I can tell you that I live in a condo at downtown Toronto, I can give you a little hint to pinpoint the exact location ... I always ran into tourists whenever I leave home.
作者: Kyrie    時間: 1-11-2009 08:39

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作者: moleitau    時間: 1-11-2009 08:45

Speaking of condo, when I was still in college, I remember one time I was giving a ride to a classmate back to her home, I asked where she lived and she replied "I live in a condom." I tried so hard just to keep a straight face without cracking out loud and calmly replied "I guess it must be a pretty good size condom, isn't it? "
作者: Kyrie    時間: 1-11-2009 08:51

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作者: Kyrie    時間: 1-11-2009 09:01

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作者: moleitau    時間: 1-11-2009 09:11

No, I mean a thread here in 加西 board.
(just a conversation thread between you and me)
Kyrie 發表於 1-11-2009 08:39
I don't want to put the moderator of this board in a difficult position, forget about Toronto ... here's Can west section.
作者: Kyrie    時間: 1-11-2009 09:13

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作者: moleitau    時間: 1-11-2009 09:22

本帖最後由 moleitau 於 1-11-2009 09:23 編輯
I forgot to put down what I like about the Canada.

1. Enjoy materialistic, consumer-oriented 'White' Christmas
2. Close to USA
3. an English-speaking country (I don't speak Spanish, French ...)
4. Ch ...
Kyrie 發表於 1-11-2009 08:17
"2. Close to USA" We now need a passport in order to go to the States. I miss the pre-911 yrs. that all we need is to show them our driver's license at the point of entry into the U.S.
作者: moleitau    時間: 1-11-2009 09:27

25# Kyrie

Alberta has oil, they can afford to have less tax.
作者: Kyrie    時間: 1-11-2009 09:30

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作者: moleitau    時間: 1-11-2009 09:36

In terms of volumn, Newfoundland can't compare to Alberta.
作者: vcc    時間: 1-11-2009 10:34

Did you teach them about Canada's freedom, human rights, democracy, equality and other b.s.?

Did you tell them it was wrong to discriminate you?  " />
Kyrie 發表於 1-11-2009 08:51
It is nothing about those, just that they feel that you don't know many things, as simple as the price of a pack of cigarette. You need to be alert always.
作者: Kyrie    時間: 1-11-2009 13:46

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作者: Kyrie    時間: 1-11-2009 14:14

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作者: moleitau    時間: 1-11-2009 16:37

本帖最後由 moleitau 於 1-11-2009 17:52 編輯

Can't call it "condominium" if it doesn't come with a club house. An apartment building would be the more appropriate term for it. The previous condo that I lived uptown (I moved so that it would be closer to my working place) comes with 2 swimming pools, one indoor, one outdoor, it also has squash, badminton & tennis courts, snooker tables, a bowling alley, suanna, gym ...

By now you probably think that I am trying to impress everyone about how well-off I'm doing, NO! You are wrong, let me tell you what a luxurious house should look like. I have been to residences for the rich where you could only see the front gate of the building! Nothing else but the front gate of the building, a metal front gate with a driveway leading to God knows where, cause the building lot is so big that you don't even get to see the building itself.

I would consider myself a middle class only and have nothing to brag about unless I own a stretched Limo for my daily ride and live in one of those aforesaid mansions. Mind you, a condominium like this one described here is just the "norm" if you will ... targeting the middle class or young professionals. Which bring us back to the subject of this thread. Don't think I can enjoy such quality of life if I belong to so called "middle class" in Hong Kong. By the way, in Hong Kong a lot of people would considered themselves the "middle class" yet they don't have a family car. A middle class but can't afford to have a car? Yak! How ironic, something is wrong here ...
作者: nights    時間: 1-11-2009 18:02

"hopelessly outdated equipments" ha!ha!  Couldn't find another term that is more appropriate than this description. Those public transit buses is like ... I would say, 2 decade old already. And we a ...
moleitau 發表於 30-10-2009 09:29
Wow, great discussion here, guys. Keep it up!

I think Canadian military will win the award for outdated equipment.

I recall from the radio news that our training vehicles (jeeps and similar) suffers a 100% failure rate, that means zero working equipment for training.

Our military helicopters have been in service since the 60s, and have only been slowly replaced in the last few years.

The best of all, we have bought a wartime (old) submarine from UK that leaked and sunk to the bottom. Yes, a submarine that sinks and wouldn't surface again. haha.
作者: moleitau    時間: 1-11-2009 18:19

Ha ha, yes, the budget allocated for the military is always way down the list in terms of piority.
作者: Kyrie    時間: 1-11-2009 18:27

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作者: moleitau    時間: 1-11-2009 20:03

"Rich boy" ... "$3 to $5 million Canadian dollars" Are you kidding? I bought that 1-bedroom + sunroom condo under a hundred & eighty thousand Canadian dollars only. Would you now still considered me rich? I still need to work for a living, you don't find much rich people here in the East coast; they are all found in the place where you are at right now ... Vancouver.
作者: Kyrie    時間: 1-11-2009 20:13

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作者: moleitau    時間: 1-11-2009 20:37

Hey, didn't I tell you that I have been in this country for a long time already? I did not lie and it was indeed the price I paid 17 yrs. ago. Maybe the housing price has gone up one fold during these years but still it's worth nothing more than 300 grands now.

Remember it was uptown area (Scarborough) and land isn't as precious as the downtown core. That's why it came with tennis courts & stuff. I don't find any downtown condo suite comes with outdoor tennis courts including the one I live in at the moment.
作者: vcc    時間: 1-11-2009 21:47

Kyrie, may I know where do you live?
作者: Kyrie    時間: 3-11-2009 12:45

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