NHL Finals

2 game away from the cup!!!
az259 發表於 5-6-2011 22:27
Ya...........Stanley Cup belongs to Canada!!!
The Canucks are just better than the Bruins all round. Even the one area where people are concerned the most, in goal, Luongo is out-playing Thomas. No reckless clearing attempts, no mishandled poke-checks... If the Canucks can win game 3 in Boston Monday, I think it will be a sweep.
I don't agree that the Canucks are necessarily better than the Bruins, although the Bruins have definitely allowed their slip ups to cost them dearly, and more importantly, the Canucks were able to capitalize on the Bruins' attention lapse. Both teams have their strengths and weaknesses, and I would say that in game 2, the Bruins were definitely the better team in 2nd period and a good part of the 3rd (in the beginning) as well. And if you look at the first game, both teams were going at it neck in neck as well.

At this point into the playoff journey, neither team got this far because they were lucky. Whichever team that slips up, or whichever team that performs better on that given night will determine the outcome of the game. If the Canucks got cocky or sloppy, the pendulum could easily swing back in the Bruins favour.

At any rate, Go Canucks Go!!!
What the hell with the Canucks? We want the cup in Canada!!!
The Canucks are more skilled than the Bruins - games 1 and 2 are clear indicators of that. The Bruins, however, showed a lot more will and desire than the Canucks in games 3 and 4, and they are rallying behind their fallen teammate Nathan Horton. In the highest level of professional sports where teams are often so close in terms of skill levels, will trumps skills 99% of the time. The Bruins right now want the series - they have a will to win for their fallen teammate. The Canucks are playing "hope to win," and that's not going to get the job done.

I hate Mark Messier with a passion, but this is a time when a leader in the locker room needs to step up, and rally his troops and guarantees a win like Messier did in the '94 conference finals vs. New Jersey.
Canucks is playing great in Game 5 with constant pressure and great teamwork/defense. Lu has made some terrific saves, and great to see that the whole team got together to hold the lead when Bruins are getting desperate in the final minutes.
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I hate to say that-Vancouver will lose the Cup to the Boston.(hope not).
Vancouver will shut out the Bruins again in Game 7 and win the Stanley Cup.
2-0 Vancouver.
The last goal will be an empty netter!


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If you 'hope not' why just simply not say it,
we must still have hope in our team, we must!